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“Sitting quietly doing nothing spring comes and the grass grows by itself.” ~ Zen Poem

My writing explores old truths in new ways. It’s a reflection of how my life experience has influenced me. I may say things in ways that are different from how you might say them, yet I trust that you will find an interpretation that holds meaning for you.

Several categories of writing are available. All invite you to explore your own truth more deeply. Most are free of charge. I welcome conversation about anything I write … in the form of your support, encouragement, relatedness, or even argument. Feel free to contact me; it’s how we all learn and grow.

  • Newsletters “Purposeful Wanderings” – each month I write a one-page article on a topic of interest in navigating life’s journey more authentically. Each includes an exercise, a window into how nature deals with the idea, and a book recommendation. (Both audio and pdf versions also available for each.)  

  • Articles – whenever a thought strikes me (often in response to my observations of “life on planet Earth”), I write about how and why the topic relates to how we might live more authentically and sustainably.  

  • Points to Ponder – a collection of simple messages with the potential to change your life.

  • Inspirations – again, when an idea strikes, I pair one of my nature photos with an inspirational message. Food for thought.

  • In Nature’s Image– a slide show containing just over 100 of my nature photographs, each with a thought-provoking message on living more wholeheartedly. 

  • My Books – available for purchase, my two books: Living Authentically … in a World that Would Rather You Didn’t, and A Field Guide to Life: Navigating the Challenges of Our Lives and Times. In addition, a single pdf file of all 20 years of Purposeful Wanderings newsletters.  

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