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Life’s Journey

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.
It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

~ Mark Twain

  • If you’re like most, what you want is to live with freedom, authenticity, meaning, peace and joy.

  • If you’re like most, what you got is a life of struggle instead.

  • If you’re like most, what you do when life is tough is fight back, work harder, blame others, try to “fix” it.

  • If you’re like most, what you assume is that all of this is normal, just “the way life is.”

  • If you’re like most, what you miss is that you learned life is a struggle; old lessons – from others – are just coming true, many years later.

  • If you’re like most, what you deny is that you are the cause of your struggle; a manifestation of old thoughts.

No wonder life can be difficult. You hear these old lessons as voices in your head, telling you what to do. They want to take you down a dead-end street. Problem: it’s someone else’s street. Problem: you listen. 

How Coaching Helps

You are a being of pure potential. There’s another voice inside you, uniquely your own, inviting you to live your truth. It’s waiting to express itself through how you live your life. Think back to life as a child. You imagined whole worlds into being (the limitless potential of what could be) … until you learned you couldn’t. The peace, freedom and joy you desire have always been inside you. They just may have become lost along the way.

Despite what those early lessons taught, you can’t create a new tomorrow by fighting with today. You create a new tomorrow by changing the thinking that created today! That takes practice. Like most, you may find it difficult to walk this path on your own. Those same old lessons tell you not to. And you listen. This is where a coach can help. I serve as a reflective partner in your journey – to help you stop for long enough … to BE with yourself for long enough … to gain felt experience of what is true … in this moment. Together, we’ll discover what matters most to you, then chart a course into the perhaps-unknown territory of your potential. I’ll keep a torch lit on the path … so you can find your way home – to the you who has always been inside. Coaching is a professional relationship with one intention: to help you live the natural creative potential inside you.

 “The veil that clouds your eyes
will be lifted by the hands that wove it.”

– Kahlil Gibran

Send me an email. Tell me what’s on your mind. Together we’ll decide a path that’s right for you. There’s no cost or obligation to you for a first conversation; you’ll get some good coaching, and gain the perspective you need to choose your next steps.

Here are a few thoughts on the directions a coaching program might take. What inspires you to take new action?

  • Fulfillment: I want more from my life – meaning, peace, joy, freedom, authenticity – but I don’t know how to discover or create it. I may not even know what I want, but I somehow just know there’s more.

  • Competence: I want to do better at specific competencies – communications, conflict resolution, leadership, for example – but I don’t know how to do so.

  • Leadership Skills: a leader’s true work is to hold a vision of a meaningful future, then keep the path clear of obstacles, so everyone can do the amazing work they wanted to do in the first place.

  • Constructive Conversations: you are a natural communicator. If you doubt this, watch young children at play. It’s all so easy … until they learn it’s not. Re-discover the latent talent already inside you, and learn to make every conversation you have a constructive one – no matter the person, topic, stakes or emotion.

  • Thriving Workplaces: people love to work in organizations that focus more on building capacities than on ensuring compliance. The days of command-and-control, competition, greed, measurement and even goals are inevitably giving way to honoring creative genius, resilience, collaboration, listening, serving, reverence, respect and learning. This requires new ways of seeing and thinking, not a bunch of new skills.

In a world that will always be complex, uncertain, unpredictable and chaotic, I will help you to:

  • see clearly … in the midst of life’s paradox

  • act creatively … in the midst of life’s uncertainty

  • choose calmly … in the midst of life’s chaos

  • speak confidently … in the midst of life’s complexity

  • relate with reverence, respect and integrity … to others and to yourself

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 4.21.31 PM.png

My Coaching: How I do what I do?

My coaching is a product of my own experience in recreating my own life journey and in helping others recreate theirs. That experience has proven to me that, more than anything else, the power of outdated beliefs and faulty assumptions holds us from living the potential inside us.


This is why I don't stress new skills, big goals, tough accountabilities, or innovative processes and systems. You don’t need them. My coaching goes to the heart of the matter – the ways in which you’ve come to see and think.

Working together to challenge unconscious and life-limiting thought processes, we’ll explore opportunity for transformation in three areas:

  • sharpen your perception, to see new possibilities with extreme clarity

  • shift your perspective, to see the unlimited possibility your life is

  • reclaim your potential, to manifest the extraordinary every day

"Let us live one day as deliberately as nature, and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell or mosquito's wing that falls on the rails."

~ Thoreau

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