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Who I Am

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.”

~ Robert Frost

For 40 years, Bradford Glass has inspired courageous leaders, professionals and their teams to challenge conventional thinking and instead take a stand for living with authenticity and freedom.


As a manager, as an educator, and as a coach, Brad evokes in his clients an uncommon level of clarity and perspective – about self, others, life, work and the world – that allows them to release “the way it is” and step with confidence into “the way it could be.”

In writing, speaking and coaching, Brad draws on nature’s wisdom as an archetype for living with creativity, resilience and balance. Through concepts, metaphor and practices, he guides others on the journey into the uncharted territory of their greatest potential.

Brad’s “Guiding Energies”


My Passion: experiencing nature as a personal support system and as a model for how we might live authentically, in a reciprocal relationship of reverence, respect and trust.

My Vision: that we become conscious co-creators of our lives, honoring our uniqueness, while thinking, speaking and acting from the oneness we share with all life on Earth.

My Purpose: to challenge conventional thought patterns and inspire a transformation in perspective about the unlimited possibility we represent to live more fully.

My Values: Create: bring nature’s order to life’s chaos; Teach: inspire others in new ways of seeing and thinking; Experience: be a conscious part of life’s unfolding mystery.

My Intention: to instill a “consciousness of possibility” as the light on the path to wholehearted, authentic living; to learn to embrace nature’s wisdom as a guide.

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Bradford Glass

Brad has earned the Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, and master’s degrees in both Engineering and Environmental Studies.


He has served as Adjunct Professor at Antioch University’s Graduate School, and as a board member of the New England chapter of the International Coach Federation, the Waldorf School of Cape Cod and the Community Leadership Institute of Cape Cod.


For 20 years, he led nature tours to some of North America’s unusual wilderness locations.


He has over 35 years experience as a manager in the software industry, and in the ancient past, was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force.

What Others Say

“Brad’s unusual ability to make see both the big picture and its smallest details makes him an inspiration. He has a vision of ultimate possibility, believing everyone can make a huge difference in their lives.” ~ Manager


“Brad’s unique ability to be both inside my world and outside it at the same time allowed me to see myself more clearly, and to take more effective action.” ~ Director


“Brad embodies a most effective combination of calm compassion and direct honesty.” ~ Artist


“I so appreciate the way you interact with me, your ability to raise my level of thinking, and your willingness to hear me out on very personal issues. You are a wise man, a very wise man.” ~ C.O.O.


“Dear Lord, thank you for creating Brad! Amen.” ~ (from a client’s wife) And … “Oh, Brad. It’s so good to meet you. Our son was such an asshole before you started working with him.” ~ (from the same client’s mother).


“My husband goes to Brad a train wreck and shows back up as a reasonable person with vision.” ~ A client’s wife


"This morning I pictured my life had Brad not been my Coach.  I imagined still working at the same job I swore I could never afford to leave. Then I considered where I'm at now.  I turned my hobby into a business that is far more fulfilling than my job ever was. I work less yet earn 3 times the money. Best, I feel potential for the future. No boss decides my income or my future. I do." ~ Entrepreneur


“Thank you, Brad, for your presentation Managing Time at our monthly meeting.  Instead of reiterating tried and true (or maybe not-so-true) techniques, you offered the insight to explore our inner awareness, intention and sense of responsibility. Your quotes were on target and handouts helpful and informative. As H.R. professionals, we try to find potential in our employee groups – what better place to start than by examining our own.” ~ H.R. Manager

“For two years, I’ve hated my teaching job, feeling powerless to change. During the dreaded back-to-school speeches this fall, however, I distracted myself by recalling powerful messages from your Constructive Conversations workshop at our state conference last month: 1) Using life-limiting thinking as a tool to create life-inspiring changes is like trying to wash off paint with paint. 2) Our problems are not jobs, people, bills, storms, conversations, or any other challenge. We don't control that.  The problem is that we misidentify the problem as being in the external world, when in fact, it’s in our ability to see that world as it really is, then respond with resilience, adaptability, courage and creative genius.  … So, when a district principal said he was looking to fill a new position, I still can't believe I did it, but I found him after the meeting, and told him I wanted the job.  24 hours later, I’d cleaned out my old classroom and was setting up a room in a school I’d never set foot in before teaching a subject I’d never taught before.  This has been a scary, scary week for me. Full of firsts … and challenges. But I’m so happy.  Thank you for giving me the words I needed to be brave, tell my inner voices to be still for a moment, then sing a new refrain.” ~ Teacher


“Fifteen years ago, you led a workshop for our customer support team. At the time, I struggled with self-confidence. Your help those many years ago has been an anchor for me. Your recent newsletter resonated for me:  ‘If you want freedom, peace & joy in your life … you need to be in a place of self-trust, where your inner truth lights your path rather than what happens in the outer world. Here, the external world no longer bothers you.’  Today I am free; I feel peace and joy. Thank you for making a difference my life and surely for others!” ~ Customer Support Manager

“Just received your book, A Field Guide to Life. You’ve created a book that is insightful, informative, timely, calming and optimistic: well done!  As the caregiver for an ailing mother and a grown son with mental health issues, I live constantly with “not knowing.” I’ve read hundreds of books on brains, addiction, dementia, mindfulness, Buddhism, communication … and still "I don't know.” It’s refreshing to read that “not knowing” isn’t failure, but a space for acceptance and new possibility. Thank you for writing this book.” ~ A real human

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