I write about how you can experience greater freedom, resilience, balance and peace, every day, by learning to see yourself and your life with renewed clarity and perspective.

In writing about new ways of seeing old truths, I’m aware that how I say things might not be how you would say them. So I invite you to inquire more deeply, to see what messages they may offer you.

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Blog Categories

  • Purposeful Wanderings – my monthly newsletter, a thought-provoking article offering ideas and exercises for a more fulfilling life. Includes a nature story, book recommendation, and preview of coming events.
  • A Field Guide to Life – an in-depth guide to living a life you love by discovering your own greatest potential and personal truth. Offered here as a series of articles, or for purchase as an e-book (pdf format).
  • Constructive Conversations – ideas and practices to help you make every conversation you have with anyone, regardless of situation or topic, constructive and satisfying. Eventually available as an e-book.
  • In Nature’s Image – Ideas for how we might live more meaningfully, “in nature’s image,” along with some of my nature photographs as companions for the journey. By relating nature’s story to our own, we unravel the mysteries of our lives. See the full gallery here.
  • Personal Authenticity – ideas and exercises to help you discover the freedom and potential offered by your own inner truth. Choosing to live your own life instead of someone else’s takes courage and determination.
  • Life Commentary – thoughts and observations on the everyday challenges of what it means to be a human on planet Earth.