Thriving Workplaces

“Truly, stories are the dreams of the people. We must create new stories out of our highest vision, and encourage our children to dream new dreams and build their world upon them.”    ~ Manitonquat – Wampanoag elder, in Return to Creation

More so than ever before, today’s business climate is marked by complexity, paradox, uncertainty and rapid change. Business leaders often define success as winning the battle against these external forces. But this view gives rise to managing based on measurement, compliance, control, goals, competition and greed, none of which create success. 

Neither organizations, nor the people who comprise them, work the way business believes they work. The battle can’t be won because it’s based on faulty assumptions. While walking this dead-end street, we have created just the organizations we don’t want, yet still think and act as if we’re on the path to victory.  

The sustainable, thriving centers of creative excellence we want are products of new ways of seeing and thinking, not the result of command and control. In this new world, skills include perspective, clarity, inspiration, resilience, collaboration, serving, listening, reverence and learning. Natural passion and commitment live inside every one of us; we want to contribute. A leader’s job is to evoke that innate creativity already within his/her organization, energy that wants to be expressed in fulfillment of an organization’s vision. 

By combining new ways of seeing and thinking with calm, contemplative action, you will transform yourself as a leader and transform the organization you manage, evoking natural excellence in others and in yourself. In a world that will always be uncertain, unpredictable and chaotic, I will help you to:

  • see clearly … in the midst of life’s paradox
  • act creatively … in the midst of life’s uncertainty
  • choose calmly … in the midst of life’s chaos
  • speak confidently … in the midst of life’s complexity
  • relate with reverence, respect and integrity … to others and to yourself 

Contact me if you’re ready to unleash the creative genius waiting to propel your organization to excellence.