Program Topics

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”  ~ Gandhi

Whether about your own personal authenticity, the creative genius of your organization, or your communications effectiveness, you’ll no doubt find more than one of these topics of interest. Although you are unique, experience shows the programs below to be of recurring interest. Which ones pull you toward your potential? 

  • Constructive Conversations – make every conversation effective regardless of subject or situation; manage conflict with ease.
  • Thinking for Possibility – see self, others, life and work through a lens of “what’s possible” instead of “what’s wrong.”
  • Personal Authenticity – rediscover, reclaim, and live your own authentic truth, a source of personal peace, power and freedom. 
  • Communication for Action – develop language skills for evoking action: interpretation, listening, speaking, requests and promises. 
  • Evoking Excellence in Others – learn to unleash the natural, yet often hidden, creative potential in yourself and your organization.
  • Natures Principles as a Model for Life or Business Design – extraordinary lives and workplaces mirror nature’s way, “naturally.”
  • Thriving on Uncertainty and Chaos – learn to embrace life’s inherent chaos and uncertainty as opportunities for creative genius.
  • Managing Time – time is not the enemy we believe it to be; it’s how we view time that causes us such stress. Learn to see anew.
  • Creating an Exceptional Future (strategic planning) – Learn to create a sustainable business future with promise and integrity.
  • Finding Sacred Work – you can make a living doing what you love; rediscover your own creative essence; stop limiting yourself.
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – emotions are human, yet they need not limit you by clouding your perspective or perception.
  • Conflict Resolution – using principles of effective communication, learn to anticipate and handle conflict with confidence and grace.
  • Performance Management – on-going constructive feedback evokes the best in others, in yourself, and in your organization.