The Journey

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
~ Marcel Proust

Taking a stand for your own truth asks for courage and commitment. Living your own life instead of someone else’s is like that. Although the journey is available to everyone, few take it. Most are content to stay in the false sense of comfort found in going along with the herd. If you want more in life, a coaching relationship may be the most effective way to create the life you only dream about today.

About Coaching

Coaching is a professional relationship with one intention: that you live the natural creative potential inside you. It’s a reflective partnership to help you examine your life at the same time as you live your life. That’s something you can’t do very well on your own. A coach’s ability to be both inside your thought process and outside it, simultaneously, is the source of coaching’s power to evoke change.

About My Coaching

My coaching is a product of years of experience, both in recreating my own life journey and in helping others recreate theirs. That experience has proven to me that one obstacle consistently stands in the way of creating extraordinary lives and workplaces – the unconscious, false, yet persistent belief that it’s not possible to do so. More than anything else, the power of unconscious thinking, rooted in outdated beliefs and faulty assumptions, holds us from living the potential inside us. My coaching, therefore, does not stress new skills, big goals, tough accountabilities, or innovative processes and systems. You don’t need them. My coaching goes to the heart of the matter – the ways in which you’ve come to see and think.

Working together to challenge unconscious and life-limiting thought processes, we’ll explore opportunity for transformation in three areas:

  • shift your perspective, to see the unlimited possibility your life is
  • sharpen your perception, to see new possibilities with extreme clarity
  • reclaim your potential, to manifest the extraordinary every day

Although perspective, perception and potential may be invisible to you today, they are the keys to transforming your life. If you’re ready to step beyond the yammering of a discontented society and create the life that’s been waiting for you, give me a call and let’s set out for new territory. Tell me what matters most to you, and together we’ll find it: truth, authenticity, balance, fulfillment, self-confidence, resilience, trust, consciousness, reverence. Through new ideas, exercises and support for your journey, you will choose to design your world with purpose, on purpose.

My Coaching Programs – Services and Products

To manifest life’s greatest potential, either in your own life or in your organization, I offer these coaching services and products:

  • Leadership coaching for individuals – personalized 1-1 coaching to help you discover and live your natural creative essence, and reclaim the power and freedom of your own truth. In-person, via phone or e-mail.
  • Leadership coaching for work teams – tailored to meet specific needs and schedules of your team, in any of the areas found on this site – leadership, workplaces, conversations; may be designed as a long-term management development program. In-person.
  • Public workshops and keynote presentations – to inspire, teach, inform and provoke; for groups from 5-500, on any topic noted on this site; programs 1-3 hours long to meet your needs.
  • Mediation and conflict resolution – professional mediation to guide individuals, couples or small groups through a conflict resolution process that leaves everyone satisfied.
  • Coaching trips in nature – in-depth, week-long programs of personal inquiry, set against the backdrop of nature’s beauty. Destinations here.
  • Self-development productsnewsletter and blog free of charge; articles for publication; in-depth materials available to clients; audio/video programs available to clients; an a book.

Everyone is different. So everyone’s needs and interests are different. I do not offer coaching “packages;” my coaching is designed to meet your unique needs. If you’d like a program designed for you or your audience, I will work with you to create it. That said, the Program Topics page describes topics most often requested for individual or group coaching, as well as for presentations and workshops.