“Sitting quietly doing nothing spring comes and the grass grows by itself.” ~ Zen Poem

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Coaching in Nature:  if you prefer to “get away from it all” as a way to experience yourself and your life from a new perspective, consider a week-long, in-depth small-group exploration, set against a backdrop of natural beauty. Personalized programs; choose your destination.

Workshop Offerings: a series of public programs for exploring life’s unlimited possibility. Click to see program topics.

Recommended Reading: I personally recommend these books as companions for your journey.  Reading list.

People I Value: In every step of life’s journey, we’re supported by the grace and caring of others. By offering our gifts in return, we participate in a spiral dance of possibility – one that enriches the lives of others as well as our own. Below are connections to people who’ve touched me deeply by supporting me on my journey. I’m grateful for their presence in my life.

  • Nicki LeMarbre – Art by Nicki – spiritual and inspirational art, Reiki facilitator
  • Janet Dwinells – Voyage of Your Soul – inspiration, guidance & support for life’s journey
  • Bert Jackson – Koa Media – thought leader, inspired web designer, musician
  • Diane Kovanda – Yoga Cape Cod – personalized and group yoga instruction
  • Randy & Susie Green – International Wildlife Adventures – nature tours of distinction
  • James Flaherty – New Ventures West – educational development for professional coaches

What Others Say: I appreciate the feedback offered by clients on how our work together has enhanced their lives. A sampling:

“Brad’s unusual ability to make fine distinctions and see both the larger pic-ture and its smallest details makes him an inspiration. He has a vision of ultimate possibility, believing that everyone can make a huge difference in their lives.” ~ C.C., Manager, Massachusetts 

“If you want a safe, trusting place to explore your potential, Brad’s coaching offers that place. His clear, refreshing perspective opened up my thinking on how I view my life and business. Brad’s unique ability to be both inside my world and outside it at the same time allowed me to see myself more clearly, and to take more effective action.” ~ S.T., Executive Director, Hawaii 

“Brad embodies a most effective combination of calm compassion and direct honesty.” ~ D. B., Artist, Massachusetts

“I chose Brad as my coach and as leader for our management development workshops. His guidance has been instrumental — for my team and for me personally. For the first time, I am: (1) living consciously, from my values (2) doing far more, in less time, and with less stress (3) confronting things that scare me, and surviving! (4) relating to others (& myself) with openness, compassion and trust.” ~ M.H., V.P., software company, California