Book: Living Authentically

Available for sale … my first book

Living Authentically … in a World That Would Rather You Didn’t

I’m excited to offer my first book, a guide to discovering and living your own authentic truth. I look forward to hearing about your experience of it.

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Here’s a snapshot, along with some sample pages:

“All of what you need to live your unique truth is already inside you.”

“Most of what you learn in life tells you to deny that truth.”

You have a choice in this moment – a choice you may not even know you have – to stop going along with the thinking of others and live your own truth instead.

This “field guide” will help free you from the struggle life may have become. It contains insights, perspectives and exercises, as well as my own personal reflections, all designed to shine a light on your path and help you find your way to your deepest longing.

Here’s to your journey!


This would also make a great gift for someone (or ones) you care about.

If you’re “local,” let me know if you’d prefer to pick up a copy in person.


Some sample pages: