Book: A Field Guide to Life: Navigating the Challenges of our Lives and Times

I’m excited to offer my second book, a guide to working constructively with the challenges that cause much of the struggle in our lives. Through insights, personal experiences, story and exercises, its pages will shine light on challenges you might never have imagined belong completely to you … which means the power you hold to reclaim your life is phenomenal. I look forward to hearing about your experience of it.

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While we tend (unconsciously, and therein lies the problem) to blame others, life, circumstances, and the world for life’s inevitable struggles, looking more closely (which we don’t do) tells us the true culprit is how we’ve learned to see and think – about life, others, its circumstances and the world – that has left us missing out on our dreams, on living authentically, and on enjoying the meaning, peace and freedom life has to offer us.

A Field Guide to Life explores eleven common challenges that hold us back in life, challenges we’re so convinced are caused by others and by life that we can’t possibly imagine that we caused them – quietly, unknowingly, long ago … through how we were taught (by others) to see ourselves and our lives – and that our experience today is simply a result of our old lessons coming true.

If the power of unconscious thought can block our dreams, then imagine what the power of conscious thought can do to revive them! It is here in these pages that you just may find out.

My life was a struggle for 30 years, too. Despite stress and exhaustion, I thought I was making good on all I had learned. I wasn’t. I was walking (no, running) down a dead-end street. And what I didn’t even see was that it was someone else’s street. No wonder I was stressed. I learned … perhaps the hard way. And perhaps this book is my way of helping you find the path to sanity sooner than I did.

Come on along for the ride! But be open to some ideas you perhaps cannot even imagine as being true!


“The veil that clouds your eyes will be lifted by the hands that wove it.”  – Kahlil Gibran

A few sample pages: