Products from The Road Not Taken

Most of what you’ll find on my website is easy to find and is free of charge. A few items are offered for sale here, and are available for download once you complete your PayPal transaction.

A Field Guide to Life

An 80-page e-book on how to live with authenticity and freedom. A Field Guide to Life offers fresh perspective, new ideas, archetypal models, and personal practices for living your life in a more meaningful and sustainable way.

Available free as an ongoing series of blog posts, or here as a complete e-book (pdf format). $20

Constructive Conversations

Register now for March 27 online workshop $30
Tap into the natural communicator inside you (you know, the one you don’t think you have). Reframe your view of conversations and how they work (or don’t).  Conversations succeed and fail for the same reason … and it has nothing to do with your level of skill, the subject, the emotion or stakes involved, the other person, or even if you’re an introvert!  Learn to make every conversation constructive.

Purposeful Wanderings

All seventeen years of Purposeful Wanderings, 2002 – 2018, available as a PDF download (one pdf file)  $50