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by Brad on May 27, 2021

I live in a “planned town center.” It’s basically an outdoor shopping center, with upscale shops both national and local, restaurants, a theater, post office, etc., with residences above many of the shops. I live above the bookstore, with a view of the town square – a lovely space with trees, benches and large fountain.

Over the past few years, I’ve noted a dramatic increase in the number of dogs here. It’s somewhat of a mystery to me why people seem so intent on bringing their dogs to a shopping center, but hey, I’m not much of a dog person, so what do I know. As for me, I prefer the woods for my walks, and it seems that dogs might be so inclined as well (if dogs can be inclined).

BUT … rather than turn my concern/upset into negativity, I made a pledge to myself a few years back that, no matter what (or who) might push me to my edge, I’d turn the whole thing into a creative writing exercise instead of being outwardly judgmental. This has served me well. I channel my energy into things positive, often fun, and at the same time find good practice for my writing. This way, most of life is just entertainment.

So, here’s my latest adventure:

Subject: What the Dog Saw 

Dear Mashpee Commons,

I’m writing to express gratitude, from me and hundreds of my canine friends, for such a wonderful place you have … Mashpee Commons. We all feel so at home here, and you’ve done so much to make it special for us.

There are sidewalks for us to walk on anytime we want.

There are trees every 50 feet or so, so we have plenty of places to pee.

There are a little gardens and a few grassy spots, so we even have places to poop whenever we want.

Of course, as is true with any species, we have our “bad seeds” too, and some of us just pee and poop right on the sidewalks, because it’s just so much easier.

There’s even a fountain in a little square that we can play in; and sometimes they even have dog obedience classes for us there. (Mostly, we’re not all that “obedient,” however, but it’s fun to run around in circles and drive everybody crazy.)

Every now and then, some of us will get together for fun, and pretend that we’re service dogs so we can go into Starbucks and other places. It’s really funny to have our owners hold us in their arms in a store or a restaurant, and the people who work there can’t do anything about it. Neither can the customers.

And imagine how wonderful it is to be able to sit next to your owner at a decent restaurant and enjoy the outdoors in peace and quiet.  Perhaps a bit smug on our part, but it’s even pretty cool that we could sit at these restaurants right next to somebody who hates us, and they can’t do anything about it. (Oh, they could leave … but we don’t have to!)

And it’s even cool that we can come here in the morning before sunrise, when the place is empty. We feel like we have the place to ourselves. And we can bark all we want, and even wake up people who live here. And they can’t do anything about it, either. Kind of “First Amendment rights” for us dogs.

I suppose we should worry that some of those residents might see an opportunity for their “Second Amendment rights,” but maybe that’s a subject for a different letter.

By the way, people who live here mostly can’t have dogs, but we get to be here anyway. How cool is that.

Yup, it’s a dog’s life for sure. It’s actually more like doggy heaven. Thanks for having such a great place for us. And I know you may think the dog park you made a year or two ago is really “THE” dog park, but that’s just kind of a backyard for us, because you see, the whole place is the dog park. Think about the advertising opportunity:

Welcome to Mashpee Dog Park … all dogs welcome. Have a great time. And oh yes, we have shops. 


🐾   Woof



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