17 Years of Purposeful Wanderings

by Brad on January 14, 2019

This is simply a reminder (or information, if you didn’t already know) that all of my collected newsletters are available for purchase from my website … 17 years of monthly Purposeful Wanderings … as a single pdf file. True, many back issues are available at no charge on the website, but if you’d like a single file that contains all, here’s the link. You might find it an easy way to gain access to a lot of reading on discovering and living your authentic truth – all designed to inform, educate, evoke, and perhaps often, provoke as well. The file is 28Mb in size and you can purchase it for $50.  (And … if you’ve already purchased this file in the past, let me know each year and I’ll update you at no charge with the then-current-year’s complete file.) I’m grateful for the comments I receive on these articles, and for your interest in your own best self!

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