A Reflection on Goals

by Brad on December 18, 2017

A Reflection on Goals

When I wrote December’s newsletter, I expected many comments, and a wide range of them, too. I realized when I started out that this topic exposes one of the many, generally unexposed aspects of unconscious thinking so pervasive in our world today. Because I was struck by much of what I heard (although not all that surprised), I thought I’d share a bit about it, as I trust that the thoughts of others, no matter where on the spectrum of viewpoint they may be, are very likely shared by many. I offer this to help shine light on one of the many consciousness issues that, in my mind, hold us back from the greatness inside us.

At one end of the spectrum, I received this thought, and many very much like it. Hi Brad. The quote and the message really make a profound point about how the conditioned self is so limiting.” This speaks to the key point of the article, how our “conditioned mind” holds us back. And it’s the unconscious nature of this force that is so insidious – it all happens without our awareness. To me, the comment also opens the possibility of “de-conditioning” the mind, which comes from a practice of awareness.


And at the other end of the spectrum, this. (Note – the person offering this comment was given my article by one of my readers, as a standalone article, without the newsletter heading or my information on it). The comment: “There is nobody on this planet who is successful that has not set clear written goals for themselves. I would be willing to wager – whomever wrote this is either lying (or writing the blog for a funny joke) or is simply not successful.” Despite its negative perspective, I actually love and appreciate this comment. It speaks so clearly to just how deeply our “conditioned minds” have programmed our thinking. I trust, and do believe, that his comment came right out of the unconscious mind, unfiltered by any reflection or consideration for the perspective offered in the article. And that is precisely why it is so important. Because when we live every day, and experience every situation, from the programmed responses of the unconscious, we miss entirely the fact that we haven’t applied one ounce of conscious thought to that day or that situation.


Do I have an agenda here? Yes, of course. But it’s not what it may appear. I have no intention of trying to make someone wrong. I also have no intention of trying to tell you what to think. My agenda: only that you do think. Because I have complete trust, based on years of experience working with clients in all walks of life, that when you shift your perspective from one driven by unconscious programmed responses to one driven by purposeful conscious thought, your world opens into a place of limitless possibility, with you as its designer, producer and star. The exercise I included in the article is aimed at guiding you through that process. Happy exploring.

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