A Field Guide to Life – A New Way of Being

by Brad on March 5, 2013

This is the last installment of A Field Guide to Life. It challenges you to take full responsibility for the life you’ve been given, and to put into daily practice the ideas and exercises offered here. If you’d like a reflective partner to make your journey your own, I’d love to support you. Contact me for a conversation that can shift forever your view of what’s possible.


Toward a New Way of Being

Practices create new felt experience. Felt experience changes the way you believe, see and think. By calming your mind, simplifying your life, caring for yourself in exceptional ways, getting to know your thoughts, coming to discover your deepest truth, and envisioning an extraordinary future, you truly transform your consciousness, from a consciousness of circumstances to a consciousness of possibility. In effect, you’re shifting your perspective from one that derives from old unconscious habits to one that derives from your own personal truth and awareness. As you do, you’ll find that life unfolds naturally and easily into the new framework, or context, you’ve created for yourself through new ways of seeing and thinking. You will no doubt also discover the underlying order and truth that live just below the surface of all life, including your own. Once you experience this order, you feel empowered to boldly step into the unknown, powered by your own personal authenticity. As most original cultures knew and practiced, you “observe a new world into existence,” thereby rendering your old world obsolete. This happens only with shifting perspective. You shift your perspective with the practice of noticing it! 

Hamoa BeachTrue, you may not know just where this formula will lead you. After all, you are inventing it as you go. Also true, you’ll never ‘arrive,’ but hey, there was never any ‘destination,’ either. You become this new thinking by the practice of doing it; you practice your future into being. Despite what you can’t control, there are a few things you can count on. You choose what matters to you. You observe and experience the present moment. You change course based on the feedback you get. You can do all of these things independent of the world “out there,” including how others think. It’s your life; there’s not a lot to be gained by living someone else’s life instead.

And a final reminder: ordinary thinking will get you through an ordinary day. If you’re content with that, you may find these practices more difficult or less inviting. But if you truly want to experience the extraordinary, then you need to tap the innate levels of consciousness deeper and wiser than those you use for ordinary days. That takes courage, patience, persistence, and often, help from a coach or guide – a support system for new ways of thinking. If you find these practices, especially the later ones, difficult to understand or to do, you might start by examining your patience and persistence with them. If you need more, you may consider finding a coach or guide to offer perspective and support for the journey.

Only you will know what works … for you. Taking a stand for your deepest truth sets you apart from the crowd. Congratulations. With practice, you will have become the inventor of an extraordinary future – your own.  



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