A Field Guide to Life – In Nature’s Image

by Brad on October 16, 2012

In Nature’s Image

What if  …  you could live your dreams?   You can.

What if  …  the answers were easy to find?   They are.

The world of nature silently offers all you need  … 

       if you listen, with open heart and open mind.

Nature teaches  …

…  to create with intention.  Listen for the voice, and honor that deep personal truth to which you are continually drawn. Is your life is an expression of what matters most to you?

…  to live with awareness.  Possibility shows up in “the space between,” in emptiness. Opportunity depends on constant change. What is your relationship to silence? to change?

…  to act with courage. Rarely can outcomes be known ahead of time. Can you trust the power of your own truth to define your path in life? How does trust light your way?

…  to relate with reverence, to yourself and to others.  We’re all connected as one. How you think, speak and act profoundly affects your life, and others. Do you live with deep gratitude for all you’re given?

Perhaps nature wants us to know that life is a journey, the experience, not a destination, the result 

What dream do you dream?  Your dream could come true tomorrow. It takes only intention, awareness, courage and reverence. Might you choose to live “in nature’s image?” 


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Beginning next time, nature’s principles, and how you might transform you life by aligning with nature’s way.


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