A Field Guide to Life – Intention

by Brad on August 14, 2012


In a world driven by short-term thinking, consumerism, selfishness, greed and scientific objectivity, we’ve forgotten what matters. We’ve lost a sense of the deeper reality that guides our lives, and along with it, the meaning and satisfaction we now long for. Life simply doesn’t work the way we learned that it does, no matter how rigid the belief that it is so. I wrote this to expose the unconscious, life-limiting thinking that has strangled our potential, and to evoke a dramatic shift in perspective in how you think, so that you might reclaim your own power to live a life your love.

If your life feels like a struggle, you may be familiar with overwhelm, stress, anxiety, fatigue, resentment, guilt, conflict or greed. Struggle cannot fuel a life you love. Fuel for a life you love comes from trust, potential, authenticity, truth, resilience, connectedness, love, gratitude. Which list better describes you? I want you experience a life you love.

If you are one of that small minority with the courage and determination to challenge conventional thinking in order to live a life of personal authenticity and freedom, this material is for you.

Living life on your own terms sets you apart from the crowd. My promise is to help you reach a level of clarity and perspective – about yourself, others, your life, your work and the world – that gives you the courage to create the extraordinary, every day.

Although everyone’s experience is different, through this work you may come to:

  • play your own game of life instead of someone else’s
  • discover and live your own natural essence or passion; step into your own greatest potential each day
  • create extraordinary new possibility in your life, with far less effort
  • bring to everyday life a deep sense of meaning, freedom, peace, balance, trust, contribution and authenticity 
  • view life from a broader, all-inclusive and accepting stance
  • transform life’s challenges and obstacles into allies
  • enhance perspective, perception and sense of possibility
  • see clearly in the midst of life’s paradox; act creatively in the midst of life’s uncertainty; choose calmly in the midst of life’s chaos; speak confidently in the midst of life’s complexity; relate to others and to yourself with reverence, respect and integrity
  • appreciate yourself, others, life, work and the world in ways you had never before envisioned possible.

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