A Field Guide to Life – an e-book

by Brad on July 30, 2012


“The life you’ve always dreamed about is right here right now, waiting for you to claim it. Yes, it’s that simple. The only thing that can stop you from creating and living an extraordinary life every single day is a belief that it’s not possible. As you’ll soon discover, that belief is no more than an echo from the distant past, but one that still reverberates through your ways of seeing, thinking, speaking, behaving. That echo has left you believing more strongly in your limitations than in your potential.”


That’s the beginning of a book I’ve written entitled A Field Guide to Life. I’m offering the entire book here in this blog, free of charge, as a series of posts, in a way that allows you to absorb it, a step at a time.

This first post is simply an introduction to the book, including a Table of Contents – a “preview of coming attractions.”

Should you prefer to receive a complete copy of the e-book at one time rather than the weekly installment version presented here, you may purchase the e-book in pdf format. The posts here are free, one-at-a-time, over a period of several months. The e-book is complete, intact, and available online, at a cost of $20. The content of both is the same.  Buy Book

As with all my writing, I enjoy connection and conversation with my readers, and welcome your feedback, whether it be in the form of comment, suggestion, question or argument. It’s how we all learn. I look forward to your unique presence.

Here’s the Table of Contents. Each item is an article/post. Some offer background and context information. Some offer concepts and ideas. Others offer exercises and practices. Each invites deep inquiry and your personal presence. Enjoy!



A Field Guide to Life

Section I – Lost in the Wilderness  



A Framework for the Journey

Lost in the Wilderness

The Significance of Context

The Power of Thought

The Impact of Worldview

Building Bridges to Possibility

Toward a True Map of the Territory

New Tools for a New Journey

In Nature’s Image – A Model for Life Design


Section II – Life Lessons from Nature 

Living “In Nature’s Image”

Life’s “Big Picture”

My Four “Life Lessons” from Nature

Principle #1 – Creative Expression

Principle #2 – Opportunism

Principle #3 – Self-Organization

Principle #4 – Simultaneity

Principle #5 – Rhythm

Principle #6 – Energy

Principle #7 – Community

Principle #8 – Connectedness

Toward a New Way of Seeing


Section III – Practices for Authentic Living 

Practice – Tools for Transformation

Life as Practice

The Practice of Silence

The Practice of Simplicity

Practices for Self-Care

Practices for Self-Knowledge

Practices for Personal Responsibility

Practices for Creating an Exceptional Future

Toward a New Way of Being


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Kathie July 31, 2012 at 9:24 pm

I can’t wait to “get lost” and learn from the wildreness! The way you write about the nature of life, in RNT, grounds me back to life. Thank you 🙂


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