Personal Clarity Leads to Freedom

by Brad on April 23, 2012

 Do you find yourself stressing through your day, perhaps with the hope that if you get enough done, you’ll feel more at peace? Even if only unconsciously, most people seem to relate a sense of accomplishment to the experience of peace and freedom. The way I see it, however, the best you get after a day of stress is relief.

I want to offer an alternative perspective. The greatest opening you have to peace and freedom comes from a growing sense of personal clarity about what matters most to you. If this sounds strange to you, and to many it will, then consider this. 

Imagine for a moment you know with unshakable clarity, to the depth of your being, what mattered most to you. This could be at any scale you choose – your whole life, in your work, in this project, on this vacation, in this conversation, or in this very moment. For a moment, just imagine. Now, notice the feeling that emerges from your imagining. Most of my clients report peace and freedom. Why so? 

In your rush to get things done, you probably do a lot of stuff with remarkably little meaning. It’s the belief that the meaningless must be viewed as important that causes stress. But if you truly knew what mattered and focused 100% of your energy there, the meaningless would simply fall away. In this sense, clarity is a filter for the unnecessary. When you know what does matter, the stuff that doesn’t matter can’t mess up your day.

When I started working on my own personal clarity, my intention was to gain focus on my life’s work. As I did, I noticed feeling more free and at peace. And the clearer I became about my life, the more peace and freedom I experienced. I had not set out to “find” peace and freedom. I did not “try” to create either one. Both showed up, spontaneously, as by-products of the search for personal clarity.

When I knew what I wanted for my life, life became easier. When I know what I want from a contentious conversation, having the conversation becomes easy. When I’m aware of what’s important to me in this very moment, this moment becomes filled with possibility.

So as an alternative to all the stressful trying and all the working so damned hard, put your energy instead into the personal inquiry of what truly matters – for you. As your clarity grows, you’ll no doubt experience, as did I, renewed freedom and peace. Despite your beliefs to the contrary, you’ll never “get it all done” anyway; yet you certainly can experience the journey in an entirely new way.

Give this a shot; let me know what you discover.


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Arteduktr April 23, 2012 at 8:03 pm

HA HA HA! Reality is in our heart, not our mind! Our REAL SELF is what is within the “ticker”; the imposter lives in the mind. I know what I want to do for the latter part of my life, now that I am grown up; however, it becomes easy to dream that life-but not so easy to make it a reality. The “What ifs?” and the “What abouts?” seem to creep up and get in the way. The mind tells me the unknown can not happen without a reasonable explanation for the “What ifs?” and the “What abouts?”

How do you get the mind away from the heart without doing something really unwise?


Diane Forbes April 24, 2012 at 6:51 am

Dear Brad,
I hope all is well with you. Another thought-provoking column! So true! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Brad April 25, 2012 at 9:14 am

Thank you both…. So, Arteduktr, what I hear is that clarity for you is that your heart is a more trustworthy indicator of your truth than your head. Love that. And your question is how to learn to listen to your heart when the head is screaming in your ear. The short answer is to learn to hear those voices, consciously. When you hear them consciously rather, you come to “recognize” them. With that recognition you can choose to ignore them. When you don’t truly hear them, however, they “do their thing” on you without your noticing. THAT is what gets you in trouble. Listen a new way and the world changes.


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